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*S* Watching Billy on the Sharon Osbourne show... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
March 4th, 2004
08:55 pm


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*S* Watching Billy on the Sharon Osbourne show...
*L*! He stops in the middle of talking and stares forward with concern: "Am I borin' that dog?" *L*! One of Sharon's little dogs is on an overstuffed chair on the other side of Sharon, and it's asleep - *L*!

So they talk - and Billy's complexion is just amazing! You know, he and Dom were talking to Jonathan Ross in a pre-Oscar interview about all the free stuff and services they got before the Oscars, and all I can say is - whatever they did to his skin, it worked beautifully. Not that he ever seems to have a poor complexion, but he just glowed. And his hair - as I've said before - perfect. Way to go BILLY! And he just gave Sharon a sweet little peck on the lips; we didn't have to watch him get mauled like Dom did. WHOOT!

Billy jokes that he didn't wear his kilt to the Oscars because it was a bit windy. Silly me, I thought I heard Sharon say "Would they be impressed?" (if his kilt blew up), and I though thought he said "Yes!". *cough* Actually, she said "You'd be arrested!" and he said "Yes!". *L*! Damn.

*melting watching Billy singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time"*

Damn... I'm... enjoying this? Yes, yes I am. Oh... my. He actually makes it SEXY. And he's having such fun! Although he also looks a bit embarassed at the same time. *L*! Or is he just getting into it so much? He really throws himself into his singing! Wow... it actually works with acoustic guitar; he's really re-invented it! Now... just give him a smaller guitar - the body of this one is just too big. And I wish I could do barre chords like he can. And, Tig - the screaming wasn't too bad - *G*. It came mostly at the end of lines. *ggl* - and did you see the little dog barked at Billy and Sharon quickly covered its mouth? *LOL*!

And the goof (where he forgets the lyrics) is later - so don't turn off the VCR too soon!

BTW... this is just great. We are so lucky! We've now heard Billy sing 4 songs, and every single one was done differently:

- Steward of Gondor: in a traditional style, Scottish accent, unaccompanied
- Beyond the Sea: swing, with a Scottish accent, full band
- Oh Jean: rock, with a Scottish accent, playing guitar
- Oh Baby Baby: rock, "American" accent, playing guitar

Thank you, BILLEH!

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