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Fun with Avatars.. - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
March 1st, 2004
09:55 pm


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Fun with Avatars..
Oh, lord... this "Las Vegas" is just tooooo bizarre!

So I'm making icons! It's a pain, though... I'm on about my fourth program. Couldn't find Photoshop. And every program is different... grrrrrrrrrr

Tig - I swear I didn't copy you on that "pssst" one (darn - hard to read!). And.... can anybody animate the last three together? *G*

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Date:March 1st, 2004 07:50 pm (UTC)
ohhhhh my god ... I could ravish Elijah when he has his skirt on ... (is it the right word? "ravish" I mean?)...

Btw: It is raining very hard here in L.A. and we waited about 4 hours to see Viggo on Hildalgo for 1/4 minute and Viggo without Hildalgo for 1/2 minute ... I'm cold, I'm soaked to my bones but I think I have 2 or 3 pictures of "Gimli". He was real nice and the only one who has dared to walk through the rain to the waiting fans and he shakes a lot of hands (mine too) ... thats it. The horse is nice and Viggo's smile is sweet.


PS: sorry, Ros ... for spamming again
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Date:March 1st, 2004 08:10 pm (UTC)
"Ravish" is EXACTLY right - *L*!

He really rode up on the horse! OMS - I remember wondering if he would! WHOOOT!!!! John Rhys-Davies is the one you're thinking of, and that makes sense - he's a real sweetheart to the fans. *S* How great of you to wait in the rain for Viggo - *S*.

And you can't apologize for spamming - look how bad I've been today! Making up for everybody else being quiet, I guess, but I'm sure I must be annoying folks. Have a good, safe trip home.
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Date:March 2nd, 2004 02:48 am (UTC)
Sala *sigh*

only four days now, and I SHALL ravish him;)
Date:March 2nd, 2004 09:57 am (UTC)

animate the skirts!

Done. (((Ros)))

Skirt Fandom

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Date:March 2nd, 2004 01:01 pm (UTC)

Re: animate the skirts!

OMS!!!! You did it!!!!! I love you - thank you!!!! *L*!

I just hope people can read "Fandom" with the goofy script I chose! *G*


Say - is there any way I can learn how to do this? And thanks for picking a good speed, btw... hate it when they flip through at the speed of light!
Date:March 2nd, 2004 02:11 pm (UTC)

Re: animate the skirts!

I use a program written for the Mac, but here's a place you might look.
When I looked for mine, VersionTracker had ratings for different programs. Again, that's a Mac site, but maybe there's a comparative place to get ratings on shareware & freeware for PCs.
I can't wait to see what you do!
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