Rosamunde Brownlocks (rosamundeb) wrote,
Rosamunde Brownlocks

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be... *G*

Been feeling nostalgic lately, until I realized that we're having another "all the hobbits are in the news" week!

First there was Dom with the news of his casting in the "Wolverine" movie, and his appearance in the joke video made by Jimmy Kimmel.

Then we see Sean popping up in the news, supporting Hillary Clinton.

Next, Elijah's listed as one of the top actors under 30 by EW (get it, EW in EW? *G* That second EW is Entertainment Weekly) - whoo hoooo!!!!!

And tomorrow (or later today, if you're reading this in Europe), Billy's new sitcom "Empty" shows its first episode!

Yay, Hobbits!!! *G*

p.s. "Quarterlife", the show about a twenty-something who blogs on-line was on last night and was actually pretty good.

p.p.s. "Profess" and "confess" should be opposites, but they're synonyms. Think about it.
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