Rosamunde Brownlocks (rosamundeb) wrote,
Rosamunde Brownlocks

Oh, Pooooooooooh! I've finally seen "Top Gear"

Now I understand - it's "Mythbusters" with fun guys! It's so funny. Now BBC America is showing all these series, including "Torchwood" that I've only heard of before. Anyway, "Top Gear" was adorable. It was the one that one where they decided to make amphibious cars - *L*!!!. Although, the comment about how putting a 600 pound motor on the back of a truck was like having an American sit on the back of it was NOT appreciate. *G* A sailing car, whose masts can't go under bridges, a truck with an outboard on the back, and a "caravan" that's been converted. You have to see it to believe it, and I love the heckling back and forth.

Now I'm watching that show about cleaning houses and they've found a hippie couple that lives off their farm and, apparently, believe the inside of their house should look like a barn. Seriously. The floors are caked with mud and dung, the windows are coated with old spider webs, etc. Interesting. *G* It's to inspire me to clean my own house. Or make me feel better if I don't!

Yesterday I went on a plant buying binge because everybody has their perennials at half-price or less. I spent $200 and filled up my car with 4 bushes and about 25 oter plants. Guess what I'll be doing when it cools down this afternoon?
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