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I fall asleep and look what I miss! *L*! - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
February 8th, 2004
06:29 pm


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I fall asleep and look what I miss! *L*!
First off - heartiest congratulations to PJ! You won a Director's Guild of America award! Over several of the leading directors of our time!!! You deserve it, Mr. Peter Jackson. And I'm glad that a couple of your favorite hobbits (Elijah and Sean) were there to celebrate with you. I know that awards are not important to you, and I'm glad that's true, but I hope that, somewhere deep inside, you have a good, warm feeling about winning this.

Even if Elijah did wear an undertaker's suit jacket.

*ggl* Sorry - just kidding, Elijah!

Wonder pics are up at sean-astin.net

Second - there is actually a clip from last night's concert of Billy Boyd singing swing tunes - and he's GREAT! Seriously! The clip is of him singing "Over the Sea", and you can find the link on the journal bboyd. And may I say it was both strange and wonderful to hear him sing it in his own accent?! Thanks for telling us about it, HC! *S* BTW, Tig - did you know he was in "Three Penny Opera" at one time? *S* And, so, guess what song he also sang? Yep - "Mack the Knife"! *S* Beautiful, Billy, just beautiful! (but he cut his hair too short - eep! *G*)

Third - Ninquelosse goes and digs up the lyrics to "Weathertop", a song inspired by LOTR done by a group we both love, that existed about 15 years ago - thank you!

And here I went and slept all day.. *LOL*!

Oh! And fourth... what's this about Gilly becoming.... a wench? *G*

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