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Magic Bus? - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
February 28th, 2007
09:15 pm


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Magic Bus?
*G* Watching "LOST".

Excellent article in USA Today - an interview with Dom, Naveen, Jorge, and Emilie' (and a very nice picture of the 4 of them - god, Dom looks good! A little spoilery, but not really past giving a hint as to whether the event predicted for Charlie last week will be in tonight's episode or not. Under an lj-cut, just in case.

Whew! So it seems Charlie will stay alive for at least a few more episodes. It seems the group I mentioned has some flashback episodes coming up, and them Dom will have one, and the episodes will further Charlie's story. Of course, now we have to wait and see if Charlie makes it through his flashback episode... *meep*

To quote: "But LOST loyalists are buzzing in anticipation of the beachside reunion [Kate and Sawyer's return to the beach], kicking off a strig of fan-favorite's flashbacks: Hurley tonight, then Sayed, Claire and Locke. Charlie will also play a considerably bigger role until his flashback airs later in the repeat-free run leading to the two-hour season finale May 23. And "as the roller coaster hits the end of the season, they're going to start relying on us quite a bit more," says Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie."

Otherwise, it's about how the audience has dropped for LOST, speculation as to whether that's due to the darker episodes and people missing the more upbeat group of castaways (such as the ones above). The four interviewees danced around some unhappiness with their lessened roles as of late - since complainers tend to be killed off, *G*. Naveen is rather vocal; Jorge and Dom are a bit more philosophical.

Sadly, it seems that everybody's had personal problems. Naveen was caught kissing a mystery woman on the beach, but says his relationship with Barbara Hershey is rock-solid. (As to the picture-taking, the article says that LOST has spawned a posse of paparazzi in Hawaii, and that "Monaghan and Garcia pride themselves on being the informants who clue in their co-stars to the presence of such annoyances. "I make sure people know their license plates," Monaghan says." For Dom, of course, there was Evie's house burning down. As to how she's handled it, he says "I've probably never admired another person more in my life than watching Evie deal with that." Jorge ended his relationship with his live-in girlfriend of more than a year, but they're still friends. And Emilie's 6-month marraige just ended, poor thing - I had no idea.

As to fame, they realize they're a franchise now, a product. But the article ends with (*G*):

"But," Monaghan quips with a smile, "a fantastic product." (Go, Dom!)

Silly me - of course dom media has scans of the articles here: http://community.livejournal.com/dom_media/19312.html?mode=reply

Thoughts while watching tonight's episode:

Dommie looks so young without his beard. I wondered how they did the scene of him being a clean-shaven street musician when he has a beard! So that's how they did it. *G*


Yay - we get to see the meteor hit! How cool is that?

"So when's it going to happen?" Charlie, you idiot.

Awwwww... Charlie's falsely sad "yeah, there was" and his little grin - YES!

*LOL*!!!! HURLEY HUG!!!! "I'll be damned, you all found yourself a hippy car!" "Well, look at that - somebody's hooked on phonics." *ggl*

That's "from WHOM", Locke. *shakes head*

Bless Hurley for trying to cheer up Charlie. Look at Charlie standing there, watching the other castaways, like he's already gone. So his reaction is going to be to pull away, it seems.

Sawyer - excellent surprise reaction! "Son of a - what's a HEAD doing back here?!!!" Some good fun Sawyer in this episode.

Lost my connection there for a bit.

*L*! Love "scared Charlie" - he looked very Geoffrey Shawcross-like. And then when he was happy and hugging Hurley? ADORABLE!!!

How cool was that episode? And Charlie laughing and talking to Claire - a nice change of pace. And just the look of that blue van against the green hills? Awwwww... poor Sawyer.

Is she going for the French woman? Yep - must be! *awards self points, thank you very much* Yep... she's right... one of those kids could be hers.

Good episode. Will definitely be watching it again.

You know, although I love seeing Charlie and Hurley together, it always feels a bit... off. Is it because the two of them are acting together like they do off-set, and that feels odd? No... I think it's because they are trying to avoid that, and so it feels like they should be closer, but they're not.

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Date:March 1st, 2007 04:09 am (UTC)
You know, although I love seeing Charlie and Hurley together, it always feels a bit... off. Is it because the two of them are acting together like they do off-set, and that feels odd?

Perhaps it's because--as great as Jorge is--he's no Billy. ;) lol
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Date:March 1st, 2007 05:02 am (UTC)
*L*!!!! You know... maybe you're right!
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