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For tootsiemuppet... Fun Stuff from "Nutmeg" - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
June 25th, 2006
10:35 pm


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For tootsiemuppet... Fun Stuff from "Nutmeg"
Some things that hit me - *G*:

p. 129 Jack launches into some Aubreyisms again:

[Jack:] "Let us hope that the first plan... comes to roost." He paused, frowning.
[Stephen:] "Rules the roost?"
[Jack:] "No, no..."
[Stephen:] "Takes fruit?"
[Jack:] "Oh, be damned to it...the trouble with you, Stephen, if you don't mind me saying so... I am sure you speak [many languages], but English is not one of them. You do not get figures quite right, and now you have put the word clean out of my head."

*ggl* So you feel Stephen does it on purpose, eh? Because that is really playing with fire! If Jack should ever suspect him of making fun of him... O.O!

And then Stephen gets cross because somebody took the corpse with marthambles that he wanted to dissect, sewed it up in a hammock and buried it at sea - which he explains to Jack while apologizing for being in a bad mood. I can just imagine the look that Jack gives to him as he says (p. 149)

"What a ghoul you are, Stephen, upon my word." *L*!!!

p. 150 Stephen, the "old sea dog" does it again, at a dinner on ship with Jakc and the gunroom:

[Stephen]: "I was contemplating on sloops. A friend of mine wrote a novel and showed it to me for my opinion, as a naval man." The gunroom looked down at their plates with a certain fixity of expression. "I thought it a very pretty tale, but I did take exception to the hero's commanding a sloop and taking a French frigate: yet just now it occurred to me that the "Corne'lie" is undoubtedly a frigate; that we, though small , aspire to take her; that perhaps my objection was unfounded, and that sloops do in fact capture frigates."

"Oh, no," they cried, the Doctor was wholly in the right - never in the history of the Royal ave has any sloop taken any frigate - it would have been flying in the face of nature."

"But on the other hand," said Jack, "a post-ship of much the same displacement and broadside weight of metal as a sloop has been known to do it. It is the presence of a post-captain aboard, and his moral superiority, that turns the scale." (*L*!!! I imagine Jack saying this much as he said that, in the Navy, one must choose between the lesser of two weevils. *G*)

And, while we're talking Aubreyisms, on the next page (p. 151), here's a bit about one of your favorites (*G*):

Killick was often a wretched servant, fractious, mean, overbearing to guests of inferior rank, hopelessly coarse; but in others he was a pearl without thorn. For a moment Jack passed some other expressions in review, and having reached bricks without price, he went to sleep.

*groans, face in hand* *L*!

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Date:June 26th, 2006 11:46 am (UTC)
I really do think he's doing it on purpose. ^__^ Mostly because he never does it when he's on his own, and seriously, IF you can hold back your laughter, you'd be mad not to do it. It's just too damn funny.

"What a ghoul you are, Stephen, upon my word."
You mean slightly turned away, mild expression of disgust and an involuntary shiver accompanying the words? :p

for my opinion, as a naval man." The gunroom looked down at their plates with a certain fixity of expression.

I LOVED the pearl without a thorn! I was just reading along and did such a double-take on that one. Haha!
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Date:June 26th, 2006 01:55 pm (UTC)
*ggl* "bricks without price" *L*!!!

Oh, but Stephen... I mean, it's like poking a bear with a stick! Crazy, crazy man.

Ah, yes... with "ghoul", I was thinking more "eyes widening with disbelief and surprise, then shaking his head with acceptance"
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Date:June 26th, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
Hah, then maybe the turn-wince-shiver thing is just my own response. *L*

Haha, I think he knows Jack enough to know he can get away with it. Jack's never been the sharpest needle in the haystack.
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