Rosamunde Brownlocks (rosamundeb) wrote,
Rosamunde Brownlocks

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!!!!!!

Just sitting here at home, listening to the birds sing - *G*. Don't know if this is an early spring, or - more likely - a short respite from the cold, but the birds sure sound happy about it! Got such nice cards from my family. I have to say that I'm amazed at how supportive they've been of me taking this year off! Not doing anything really special today, but I am trying to start a new schedule - some organizing, photo work, exercise, learning, and reading every day. And, while I apparently gained 5 pounds in New York (!), I've gotten those off again, so I'm ready to start losing more weight. Oh - and an old friend from work (we both used to work up by Chicago, and moved down here when the old place closed) and her husband are taking me out for dinner tonight, after bowling - yay! *G*

BTW - my brother and I compete to find the most insulting (with respect to age) birthday card for each other every year. Mine for him was the Klingon Worf (extra points for geekiness!) staring out from the card, saying "I see you have decided not to fight against old age!" or something to that effect. His for me was a little old lady peering out of the card, saying "Didn't you use to babysit me?" - *L*!!!! *sigh* I'm gonna kill him. *G*
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