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Some early "King Kong" premiere photos - none of Billy or Elijah yet... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
December 5th, 2005
09:17 pm


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Some early "King Kong" premiere photos - none of Billy or Elijah yet...
Behind an LJ-cut:

PJ - is that the armature of a Tyrannasaurus Rex? Possibly... from the original "King Kong"????

Andy Serkis - and his little one!!!!!

Andy's wife, Andy, and the man who plays the captain of the ship:

Jack Black looking very "period":

Adrian Brody, Naomi Watts, PJ, Jack Black, Andy Serkis - posting in front of a giant ape statue (photo op) - holding what's probably a proclamation that it's "King Kong" Day in New York?

MTV TRL (wtf?) - Colin Hanks, Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody (does he ever smile?), PJ, Black Jack:

Back to the premiere - it's Jamie Bell and... Rachel Evan Wood? (not sure on the latter's name):

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Date:December 6th, 2005 02:34 am (UTC)
I think that think PJ's holding in the first pic is armature for King Kong... possibly original although I tend to think he wouldn't have that out and about at some premeire. You can see long arms, 5 fingers on each hand, and enlarged canines in the mouth; that's definitely no T. rex. :D
[User Picture]
Date:December 6th, 2005 02:40 am (UTC)
*smacks forehead*

As soon as I saw your icon, I knew what you were going to say - *L*! Cuz the arms are too long!

It was the apparent long snout that fooled me. Thanks!

And the antique one (from the original movie) is/was owned by a big collector who got to be in the movie - wonder if it got given to PJ? *G* Of course, it could be from his movie, but the way he's cradling it? *S*

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