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And for something completely different.. TV! - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
August 31st, 2005
11:31 am


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And for something completely different.. TV!
Picks, pans and news for the fall TV season
Plus 'Six Feet Under' feedback

[Just a couple of bits from the article above that piqued my interest (why? "Buffy", Neil Patrick Harris, and Brent Spiner):]

Most promising comedy ensemble: Predictions and early assessments often come back to bite us on the behind. Still, although we've seen only one episode, we're willing to say that the gang on "How I Met Your Mother," which is anchored by a deft Alyson Hannigan ("Buffy") and a razor-sharp Neil Patrick Harris (wildly different here from his "Doogie Howser" persona), is already one of the most appealing casts on prime-time network television.

Most promising drama ensemble: "Threshold" boasts not only stylish thrills, a potentially cool story and the always wonderful Carla Gugino, but it's also got a rogue's gallery of great character actors (Peter Dinklage of the film "The Station Agent," Brent Spiner of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Charles S. Dutton). We'd watch this killer ensemble read the telephone book, but happily, they've got meatier stuff to work with here.

[never heard of this last one... anybody know about it, and what channel it will be on?]

[ETA: Found this... and, BTW, William Mapother (the bad guy who got killed on "LOST") is on this show, too!: In the middle of the ocean, a naval cargo freighter makes a chilling discovery: an extraterrestrial craft has landed on earth. Enter Molly Anne Caffrey (Carla Gugino), recruited to await the planet’s first contact, along with a carefully assembled team made up of a brilliant aeronautical engineer with strong religious beliefs, a language and communications expert and a highly trained covert operative. Together they implement the long-gestating Operation: Threshold, charged with finding out the purpose of the landing and the fate of the ship’s crew, and preparing for the worst-case scenario of an alien invasion.]

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