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Somedays you're up, somedays you're down... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
July 3rd, 2005
10:45 am


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Somedays you're up, somedays you're down...

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Date:July 3rd, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)
*S* That is so sweet - thank you!

Well, usually she's nervous going outside, sticks around the front door, and slinks back in as soon as a make a motion for her to go in. So her going far afield was very odd.

Then, when I went to get her, instead of her dashing for the house or letting me approach her - she trotted away from me! And hid under a car, and looked a bit dazed. To be honest, I was worried that maybe she HAD been hit, although there were no marks. Or, later, that she might have gotten something from the dead squirrel (if it was out there already; don't know). Or that she was having some sort of neurological fit (she yowls sometimes for no reason at all, and her eyes dilate). Or that the fireworks in the distance were making her act odd.

And today her nose is warm, and she's very passive. Hope she's not getting sick!

Love the icon - thanks. *S* *hugs back*
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Date:July 4th, 2005 06:36 am (UTC)
is she getting quite old now? My Marmy did that(when she was 21 .. she was also largely white .. coincidence?) - She was running away (she had a microchip and twice was brought home by an animal charity and we tried to put nets along our garden fence to keep her from ducking out!)), dazed, yowling (used to stare at the wall and do it!) - I reckon she had kitty alzeimers and used to completely forget where she lived. But on the other hand - she was quite capable of eating and using her tray and snuggling and purring - so we just had to keep two eyes on her, whenever we could spare them!

She was deaf too - which didn't help finding her to bring her back - bless her cotton socks (<--- see, you know THAT one!) ;)
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Date:July 4th, 2005 07:13 am (UTC)
Sounds pretty similar. She's 16 now, but doesn't have the deafness you often get with white cats.
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