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*hyperventilates* - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
June 6th, 2005
09:08 pm


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Look at this story!!! I mean, yes, it's pretty boring (although it might result in pics, you never know...) but the thing that's got me hyperventilating? IT MEANS BILLY WILL BE IN GLASGOW - AND I'M GOING TO BE THERE SOON MYSELF!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *LOL*!!! Hell, I know the chances of a Billy-sighting are a million to one, but - at least it's not impossible now! *G*

LORD of the Rings star Billy Boyd will be at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday to host the 18th Annual Arts and Business Scottish Awards.
The event will pay tribute to the best partnerships between business and the arts during 2004.
Among the winners are Orange and the Highland Festival; ScottishPower and Cumbernauld Theatre; Cafedirect and 5065 Lift; Scottish Friendly Assurance and the Scottish Book Trust; Standard Life and National Youth Orchestras.

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