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What? No recaps of House at Television without pity??? - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
May 21st, 2005
04:09 pm


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What? No recaps of House at Television without pity???
Dang. However, just last week, somebody won a charity bid competition to ask for one of the recappers to do House, so we will see ONE in the future. AND... I went and read the "recaplet" (short recap to hold readers until the whole recap comes out) of last week's LOST, which was cute, so I'll put it here, behind an lj-cut.

And, may I just say - GREAT week of TV! Excellent episodes of LOST, HOUSE, and CSI (which I don't usually watch, but did this time, out of curiousity, since cyloran got to visit the set during the filming of this episode>! Okay, here's the re-caplet of LOST:

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Crazy ol' Rousseau wanders into the camp, toting her rifle and cyptic warnings of The Others. She says they're coming, and she can tell by the plume of black CGI smoke in the distance. You can run, hide, or die, she tells the lostaways, which I remember being told at summer camp once, so big deal. Everyone pitches in to get the raft ready, and Rousseau leads a dynamite-seeking expedition to Black Rock. Which is, as it turns out, a shipwrecked galleon. And after all the work Mercutio put into his raft! We don't see these so-called Others, though. And despite Arzt (not Art!), the Formerly Unknown Science Teacher Who Now Has A Starring Role, getting chased by Lostzilla (Rousseau calls it the island's "security system"), we never get to see that either. And there is yet more dithering over what to do with the hatch. So in some ways, this episode sounds like it was another tease, but it was actually a really entertaining lead-in to next week's season finale, as characters say their goodbyes (because of the crew leaving on the raft) and the flashbacks jump from character to character in their final moments before boarding the fated flight. Sawyer does some work to atone for a being a lazy bastard (and he does it shirtless, so everybody wins), and he tells Jack about meeting Jack's dad, who was really very proud, et cetera. Jin and Sun have a moving, tearful reconciliation, which is great, because those two would have the best-looking children ever produced anywhere. Jin's leaving not to get away from Sun (which makes sense, because Jin's not stupid), but so that she can be saved. Aw. Best of all? Vincent's back! (Unfortunately, Walt entrusts him to Shannon, so, like, R.I.P. Vincent.)

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Date:May 22nd, 2005 02:49 am (UTC)
"...so, like, R.I.P Vincent."

That just makes me giggle. I agree, Shannon just isn't the first person I'd trust with my pet.

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