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I'm BACK from seeing the Witches... the Wonderful Witches of OZ!!! - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
May 2nd, 2005
09:11 am


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I'm BACK from seeing the Witches... the Wonderful Witches of OZ!!!
"Wicked" was - GUH! Wonderful. I'm sure the Broadway production was bigger and more impressive, but I can't imagine it being better. They had a wonderful Elpheba and Glinda - and, guess what? Carol Kane played Madame Morrible! And their Wizard couldn't have been any better; he was perfect for the role. Fiyero might have been the only disappointment; he was very good, but never really gelled as a character (but that could have been the writing, not him). Boq and Nessarose were also excellent.

So, the funny part? I had the ending all wrong! Now, DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW THE STORY - BIG SPOILERS!!!

Apparently I got Fiyero and Boq confused, since I only knew what I heard on the CD. So - I figured there was some Prince Charming character who was very shallow that Glinda ended up with and married (and grew disappointed in)... and, that, at the OzDust ballroom, the "tragic girl in the chair" was Elpheba (hey, she could have been sitting down, like a wallflower), and she falls in love with a Munchkin boy (obviously I also got some of Nessarose's songs confused with Elpheba), who gets his heart ripped out (told you this was different) yet survives because of Elpheba's spell. He ends up hating her because of it, and so everybody is against Elpheba, who finally dies by melting. Very tragic. So, you see, I got Fiyero and Boq merged/confused, and Elpheba/Nessarose merged/confused. Can you believe I was actually kind of disappointed by the very "neat and tidy" happy ending? *L*!

But I LOVED "Loathing" (*L*! SO great!), "Popular", and, of course, "Defying Gravity", and the flying monkeys were pretty darn amazing. I also like the "twist" about the Wizard and Elpheba at the end.

I'm so glad I went! And, Tig? Pllllleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassseeeee audition for "Wicked"Chicago!

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Date:May 2nd, 2005 06:33 pm (UTC)
Loathing is just great...my fave, I think. I haven't got that far into the bootleg yet so I haven't seen the monkeys - to be honest, I was listening to it anyway rather than watching it.

Carol Kane - WOW!! I've loved her since Taxi. Still deciding whether to see it on B/way, I may well do! I may have to cut back on the shows I see this summer...glad you enjoyed it!
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Date:May 2nd, 2005 07:33 pm (UTC)
It's just so full of good songs and characters and sets and costumes and story! I was a little disappointed in the ending, only because I'd imagined it differently; that's my only peeve!

(to give you an idea of what kinds of things I like - I love Man of La Mancha and My Fair Lady; but, strangely, never got into Le Miz or Phantom)
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