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I'm such an idiot... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
April 23rd, 2005
02:40 pm


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I'm such an idiot...
How does one oversleep a 3:30 performance? *rolls eyes* Yep, I slept until 2:30, and it's about 45 minutes to get downtown, I haven't had a shower (SERIOUS bedhair - can you say Carrottop?), and then there's the parking, getting through the Con, and having to sit in the back... So I missed today's Charlie Ross. There's another one at 10:30 am tomorrow - I damn well better not miss that! The others were during work on Thursday and Friday.

So... guess I've just summed up what I did today - slept during a cold, rainy day.

Oh! But yesterday was faaaar more interesting. *G* It's thundering and lightning on the drive home and I here that a tornado warning has been issued... and the center should be right where I am in 4 minutes. It's moving NE, so I headed south. Got some of the hail, but it was pea-sized, not the quarter-sized stuff they were reporting, and I never did see a funnel in the rearview mirror. Let's hope it never materialized or touched ground! I need to check the news. When I get home, the marble-sized hail my house got has strewn new leaves and seeds all over the lawn. The hail looks amazing - concretions, sometimes white centers with a clear layer and then another white layer. I took pics but haven't uploaded them yet. It was in the 80's here last weekend, and the 70's most of the week - now it's in the 40's! So, yeah, the weather hasn't helped my impetus to get things done this weekend. *S* Hope everybody out there in LJ-land who was affected got through okay.

Guess I'm bummed out at the scary thought of going into the lab on my own and re-learning my way around the equipment - which will mean mistakes, and embarassement! I really should go in on the weekend - this weekend; maybe I will. (to Finabair: It's HP, and I used to use PE; never did learn to use a damn Gameboy! *L*! At least it's not bloody Chemstation - whew!) And I spoke to my brother and he had an awful week - my niece (who's okay) and her boyfriend (who's okay) had a freak accident and her car was totaled (no insurance except liability, cuz it was used), one of his pet goats got sick for no apparent reason, their horse just missed having colic... and their sweet elderly dog was finally put to sleep. *hugs brother* He's a very strong guy, but also very kind-hearted. It's a lot of blows at once. So, yeah... feeling a bit bummed right now. Hopefully, if I stay awake, I can turn that around - *L*!

So... tomorrow morning.... I WILL see Charlie Ross! *crosses fingers*

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Date:April 24th, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
There was a torando warning??? Where do you live again? Where's Charlie Ross Performing? Slightly confuzzled.....
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Date:April 24th, 2005 08:07 pm (UTC)
Indianapolis... the Celebration III Star Wars convention! *G*

Well, I did make it today - yay!
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