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Happy Thanksgiving! - from a late riser - *S* - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
November 25th, 2004
01:52 pm


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Happy Thanksgiving! - from a late riser - *S*
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans (lord, I sound like a president! "I am not a crook!" *heehehee!*), and to them and to all my fellow LJ'ers, I hope that today finds you thankful for what you have, and for all the good things that happened this year, no matter the bad. (was that English? I have no idea...)

So - onto my list!!! And, in the true spirit of LJ, this is just a straight journal entry; no need to comment.

I'm thankful for:

My family. My brother and his family are still my best friends in the world, and my mom and dad, though they drive me crazy, came to visit me this year in my new house, which meant a lot.

My two cats. Yes, dear friends, my cats come before my friends because - hey! - they've had to put up with me day in and day out for SIXTEEN YEARS! *G* I love them anew, every day. They are truly my heart's joy.

My FRIENDS!!!! Yes, that's you!!!!! (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) Thank you for sharing your laughter and tears, your thoughts, your creations, and your support - and for accepting mine. *S*

My new OLD home, which I love, even if it is FREEZING inside - *L*! I don't care, dammit - it's PRETTY! *G* I've learned so much from it this year, and every time I come home, I just want to hug it. But I've learned not to (brick is rough!).

My job - which drove me absolutely "I want to quit!" around the bend in August and September, but which has also given me a lot of chances to grow - and the money's not bad, either. *S*

Lord of the Rings - a year ago we were mourning the end of the trilogy, but hey - I'm going to a Con this January! And I've loved playing the "catch every movie made by an LOTR actor" game this year. *S* And who would have thought that Dom would end up being in one of the highest-rated (and best) new TV shows?! And thank heavens they finally showed the rest of "Jeremiah". *G*

Master and Commander - All twenty books read - WHOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! *dances* Loved them, loved them, loved them! Thank you, Patrick O'Brian! God bless you. *S* And God bless Bonden!!!

P.G. Wodehouse - *swoon* Yes, a new slash love - Bertie/Jeeves! And a great community. Actually even got me writing a story - and you know how rare that is! *G*

Oh - Mooots!!!!!! Let's see - ShoreMoot... BelgiumMoot (Whoot!)... RenFairMoot (and SteveBurnsMoot - *G*)... ThreePennyMoot... soon-to-be SheLovesMeMoot... Shoot - did I forget a moot? *G* Hope not! I figure there's been a moot just about every two months, which is pretty damn good. *G*

My - this feels more like a New Year's list than a Thanksgiving list, doesn't it? *G* Okay, then, here's my resolution: to lose weight and get healthier. Seriously. Been putting it off too long, what with the loss of job, gain of job, stress of job and new house, etc. I think I'm in a calm enough place now that I can spend the time and energy and focus that's needed to maintain a healthy eating and exercise program. Thanks for the inspiration, Cal, and all you others who have lost weight this year. Including - P.J.! Seriously, have you seen him lately? Check out Green Ghost's LJ for a pic. Cal, I know you had Sean Astin as a model; I'll take P.J. for mine. *G*

That's it! Have a good Thanksgiving, everybody!

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