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I only steal from the best... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
December 21st, 2003
07:19 pm


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I only steal from the best...
and this entry of Jules' made me cry.

I'm putting it here because... she basically says what I was feeling about 2 hours ago as I watched the credits for ROTK go by during my second viewing, and I didn't want to lose those words... so I'm putting them here on my LJ. I recommend you go and read it on hers: http://www.livejournal.com/users/anonypooh/15422.html

Not all tears are an evil.
Am I ready to write my review of Return of The King yet? Not really. I’ve only seen it three times and still I’m blown away by how much the film exceeded my expectations.

For those;) that find it mayhaps strange that I cry most of all over .... the credits! ..I will attempt to explain. Since December 2001 there cannot have been one single day that has passed without a brief (though often much longer!) thought to these films – and though that smacks of obsession – *shocked* who, me?!! – it’s not hard to justify the statement! … Even giving no thought to the emotional - the physical presence is hard to ignore :) ..every day my PC at home and workstation at work have flashed up either some Sam or Sean image …every day for the last year I have ticked off the days on a FOTR desk calendar downstairs and a TTT one up. For a long while now there’s been a weskit card balanced by my bedside alarm clock ;) and recently rather fine collectibles have been amassing themselves elsewhere about the house. I started off in that December past, lurking and then posting at TORn on a daily basis – then about five months later found my real home and best friends in the Pony - and there can not have been many days when I have not spoken with at least one dear PonyPal since. There’s been the films and the DVDs, actors careers to follow *L*, JRRT (and fanfic!) to read – a handful .. more than that …of the most indescribably wonderful moots to attend. Like so many people - my life has truly been changed by Lord of the Rings. A trite comment? A throw away line? Not at all... if it happened to you , you know how I feel - if it didn't - just mark me down as a muppet and ignore my ramblings. And now .. if I may steal Frodo's line... the Fellowship of The Ring, though eternally bonded by friendship and love, has come to an end

*fade to black* “The End”

Well not THE End … I tell people off for thinking that *G* …but an end to the intensity for sure.. or maybe not - I reckon we can squeeze another year waiting for the SEE ;)

So when the credits run – with Grey Havens tears still drying unwiped on my cheeks and Sam having closed the door – that music and those lyrics – coupled with Alan Lee’s drawings…faces of all the characters I love ..and names of many an actor I have been all too fortunate to meet…it’s too beautiful and I’m sad and happy and grateful and proud – and so I cannot help but cry.

– but I like it that way!

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