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Sorry for spamming, but.... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
October 21st, 2004
10:38 pm


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Sorry for spamming, but....
when you find one person unfamiliar with a cultural phenomenon, it must be rectified immediately - for there may be others out there in the same situation! *gasp*

So, I present to you crucial information you need to know, about the "evil twin" phenomena... *G* Those of you familiar with it may get a kick out of it. And points to anybody who knows what TV show has done a takeoff on this? *G*

Plot summary for the Star Trek classic episode, "Mirror, Mirror" (commonly known as the goateed Spock episode, or the parallel universe episode - taken from the 'net):


When their mission to secure a mineral trade ends in failure, a freak ion storm catches Kirk, McCoy, Uhuru, and Scotty in mid-beam-up and sends them to a parallel dimension where Federation leaders are as ruthless as the Klingons, and Star Fleet promotions are attained by assassination. They find themselves on an alternate Enterprise, peopled with evil counterparts to the individuals they know (all attired in glittery, glam-rock uniforms), including most famously an evil, goateed Spock whom Kirk must convince to overthrow the empire. Kirk and his landing party try to fit in with this crew of villains who are threatening with annihilation the planet where the mineral trade went sour, while searching for a way back to their world and fending off assassination attempts. "Mirror, Mirror" achieves the best of what Star Trek is capable, which is to say space opera brought to a high pitch by melodrama. Everyone appears to be having great fun turning their characters to the dark side, especially George Takei, whose evil Sulu beams when making his assassination attempt against Captain Kirk, and Leonard Nimoy, who makes Spock's shift from the meditative logician to the ruthless goateed one seem, well, quite logical. This episode in particular fueled popular culture in such a way that in some circles it is now impossible to sport a goatee without being called "the evil Spock." The story of the evil Spock is continued in the Deep Space Nine episode "Crossover." --Jim Gay

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