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"Lost" is coming on late here in the Midwest (due to the debate) - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
October 13th, 2004
08:01 pm


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"Lost" is coming on late here in the Midwest (due to the debate)
but at least it's coming on! Was worried we'd miss it. *settles down to watch*

Oh, and before I forget - apparently Premiere magazine has a DVD related to LOTR in it (see TORn for more), and this cute little bit...

"Did you know that Billy [Boyd] and Dom [Monaghan] were homosexual lovers for most of the filming? Apparently, at a millennium party in Wellington, they "discovered" each other. The noise was, allegedly, horrendous. They do spend rather a lot of screen time missing each other and emoting. Good luck to them, I say.
-- Bernard Hill (Théoden)"


And TheOneRing.Net is launching a new site for the Narnia film - TheOneLion.Net - !

And now, LOST - behind an lj-cut for spoilers

ETA: Ooooo... Dom with his shirt partly off... more... MORE!!!! *ggl*

Let's see... it took 4 days to run out of food? Hell, how about 1 day? A plane - even an overseas one - isn't going to carry more than one day's food anyway.

*ggl* I knew it! *G* Locke's an office worker who's a survivalist/militia/mercenary wannabe! *G*

"Want to come for a walk?" *ggl* Oh, no, not the "I'm the bass guitarist" bit again...! Ah, yes, the pretty girl uses her appeal to get help again... *makes gagging sound*

Love Locke's eyes... amazing...

WTF? A wheelchair? Wait... WHAT????? Oh my god... that's why... he keeps staring at his feet... and why he was acting so strangely... So, is this part of the strange thing about the island, or a freak of medicine? Hmmmm.... if it was something suddenly snapping into place, he would still have atrophied muscles. He wouldn't be able to just walk. And THIS is the miracle... the secret. Whoa.

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Date:October 14th, 2004 11:14 am (UTC)
My mun wants to know why there are no insects on the island.

I hope you are doing well, my dear Ms. Rosamunde. I am currently on walkabout from MESPT, but hope to return next month.
[User Picture]
Date:October 14th, 2004 01:15 pm (UTC)
M... S... P.... E... T?

What do you mean, no insects? What do you think that gigantic invisible thing is, if not the world's largest mosquito? *l*!

Oh! And I finally finished the Master and Commander series... *wipes away a tear*
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