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*G* C6 pics, fun... - "You didn't hear about the polar bear?"
October 4th, 2004
08:04 pm


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*G* C6 pics, fun...
Great pics of Billy at boyd_daily, and gabbyhope (http://www.livejournal.com/users/gabbyhope/405932.html#cutid1 has a C6 report that has so much squee in it about Common Rotation that you'd think it was written by anonypooh - *L*!!! And, it has this little story... *G*:

"when all of a sudden I heard it come from just about five feet to my right: "Have you seen Lost?" in a thick, Glaswegian accent.

My head whipped to the side fast enough to nearly give me a sprained vertebre or two. Billy was signing for a group of young women and saying, and this I remember perfectly because I'm a moron, "It's quite good! Dom's really good in it. I'm happy for him." At this point I was making inarticulate noises and slapping at Tri's arm and going Billy! Billy is taking about DOM. DOMBILLEHFOREVAH."

Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! *G*

ETA: Damn - You know, I've always been rather quiet and polite when meeting these guys, but maybe I'm going about it the wrong way! Been reading reports where people are having entire conversations! I always tried to be quick because I guess I figured "poor guys! they probably don't want to hear people go on and on..", but maybe they find it more interesting? And, of course, I feel bad for the people behind me if I take up too much time! Ah, heck... why am I kicking myself? I'm an introvert and would freak out if I actually tried to have a conversation anyway. *G* I'm much better at standing there listening and nodding... or, better yet, taking pics of the conversation! There are times, though, when I wish I was better at easy, friendly conversations.

Oh! And I haven't seen anything about the LOTR panel yet - anybody seen stuff from that? Was hoping somebody would ask Billy what projects he's working on. *S*

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Date:October 4th, 2004 08:06 pm (UTC)
Billy is the squee. He is just adorable, and he should be cloned.
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